Our Story

Womb For Growth was founded by Dr. Colleen Holland in 2001, a chiropractor and physical medicine expert with a functional medicine approach.  Throughout her career, she has offered effective and comprehensive perinatal and pediatric care; helping families through their transitions of growth. Working with this population, she noticed that many of the challenges that her patients experienced during their reproductive years, pregnancy and post-partum, had a common origin of hormonal imbalance and menstrual suffering. Most discouraging was that her patients were told this was normal. 

In mainstream medicine, it seems like no matter the ailment, those with menstrual or fertility problems are only offered 3 treatment options: hormones, antidepressants, and/or surgery. While these options may be appropriate at times, they are by no means a person's only options; Nor are they always the best option.  The lack of good healthcare for all those with a menstruating body and the injustice of their suffering at the hands of ignorance and misogyny inspired Dr. Holland to shift the focus of her practice. She gradually passed the physical medicine to her capable colleagues and grew her functional reproductive practice. 

Today, Dr. Holland works with patients all over the world through the live, online platform, Zoom. Her consults combine nearly two decades of experience and several post-doctoral trainings and certifications to bring her patients the best in holistic reproductive healthcare. She teaches those with periods how to chart their menstrual cycles utilizing the Justisse method of fertility awareness.  The information gained by diligent charting of fertile observations and basal body temperature yields extraordinary diagnostic value.  Along with nutrition, homeopathy, botanical and lifestyle medicine, Dr. Holland relies on this valuable information to care for her patients’ unique health challenges.  Colleen is an ardent supporter of reproductive freedom and empowerment for all who menstruate.  She delights in helping people to achieve better periods, healthy pregnancies when they want them, and access to effective, health-compatible contraception.  Whether you want to become pregnant or to avoid pregnancy, a healthy menstrual cycle is essential to your overall health.  

Some of the methods used by Dr. Holland:

  • Common sense nutrition and lifestyle education and support

  • Cycle charting instruction and interpretation

  • FAM (fertility awareness method) group classes and charting circles

  • Contraceptive and pre-conceptive planning and education

  • Instruction on vaginal steams and castor oil packs

  • Conventional blood, urine, stool and saliva testing

  • Appropriate referrals to qualified practitioners as needed





Dr. Colleen Holland DC, FAE, HRHP

Dr. Colleen Holland DC, FAE, HRHP