Fertility Awareness Method


Do you live in fear of unplanned pregnancy? Are you concerned about the short and long term effects of hormonal contraceptives? Whether you never want to have children, you are not sure, or you just want to have them on a schedule that works best for you, charting your cycles with can give you that freedom. You can learn to determine your fertile window during each cycle with a 99.4% contraceptive accuracy-without hormones! The Justisse Method of fertility awareness is a highly effective, easy to learn and implement, natural form of family planning and health monitoring.  After an intro class and a few followups you will be charting like a pro and enjoying the freedom that comes from understanding your fertility cycles and never having to put up with the side effects of synthetic hormones. The most common thing we hear from people and couples who learn to chart, is "Why weren't we taught this in school?".  

It is time to fully understand your body.  Reproductive freedom and body literacy are your right.  Womb For Growth is here to support you in that endeavor.

Trying to conceive?

We offer fertility consulting for couples who are interested in preconception planning, insemination timing, or for couples having trouble conceiving. For those experiencing fertility challenges, Dr. Holland offers non-medical alternatives to improving the likelihood of conception and a healthy pregnancy.  Her focus is on bringing the body into balance, improving the couple’s health, and learning mom’s fertility signals.  She offers effective, non-invasive treatment options unknown to most practitioners. Achieving pregnancy is not her only goal. Dr. Holland wants you to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and post-partum with a thriving baby. Natural fertility consulting is ideal for couples wanting to improve their health in order to overcome infertility. These couples know that investing in their health is the best preparation for becoming parents.

Natural Fertility Consulting Services Include:

  • Cycle charting- group classes and/or one-on-one instruction (Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness)

  • Troubleshooting challenges revealed by charting

  • Helping couples to read and understand their fertility charts

  • Suggestions for healing hormone imbalances with lifestyle changes and/or supplements/herbs

  • Collaborating with medical professionals/reproductive endocrinologists for best practices

  • Helping to determine optimal timing for testing by medical provider(s) when necessary