Period Repair

Menstrual cycles have been around as long as humans have been alive.  And despite being the cyclical force responsible for our existence, we have been encouraged to not talk about our periods.  Taboo has led to shame, ignorance, fear and unacceptable suffering.  

At Womb for Growth, menstrual cycles and periods are not taboo. Discussing your periods and learning how to understand your cycles leads to better health, reproductive freedom, confidence in your body, and if you desire, a powerful connection to your divine feminine. We have the resources you need to make it easy for you. 

What is your period telling you?

Periods are important for optimal health not only during our fertile years but also long after we stop menstruating. When we make our own estrogen and progesterone in sufficient amounts, we can enjoy healthy metabolism, digestion, and mental health. Robust cycles in our fertile years contribute to better health in our post-menopausal years. Research confirms that as we age, heart, breast and bone health are dependent upon a history of balanced hormonal health. 

Your period is a vital sign.  If it is painful, irregular, too heavy, too light, or somehow just not right, your health is communicating to you that it needs attention.  At Womb For Growth, we specialize in a functional approach to period challenges. This means we utilize a thorough history, charting instruction, labs, nutrition and lifestyle improvements, as well as appropriate referrals for body work or medical care. In this way, we can determine the underlying cause(s) of your period challenges, help you get off of hormone disrupting contraception, and learn how to chart your cycle for effective family planning.  We work together to create a plan designed to optimize your health and drastically improve your periods.  Whether you have absent periods or horrible periods, endometriosis or PCOS, live in fear of unplanned pregnancy or are trying to conceive, we can help.   

Our common sense, functional approach to reproductive challenges include:

  • Common sense nutrition and lifestyle education with support
  • Cycle charting instruction and interpretation 
  • FAM (fertility awareness method) group classes and charting circles
  • Contraceptive and pre-conceptive planning and education 
  • Instruction on vaginal steams and castor oil packs
  • Conventional blood, urine, stool and saliva testing 
  • Diagnostic imaging when necessary
  • Appropriate referrals to qualified practitioners as needed